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HLR-91CQ1AA(SPDT/12A/24VAC) Switching Relay

Model No.︰SPDT/12A/24VAC
Brand Name︰HONGLI
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 6.4 / pc
Minimum Order︰1000 pc
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Product Description
1、Applicable and Description

1. Applicable Scope

HLR-91CQ1AA(SPDT/12A/24VAC)Switching Relay,for the exchange of 50/60HZ, voltage to 277V, DC voltage control circuit to 220V and rated current of 12A to the power lines, circuit switching control air-conditioning and heating fans for air conditioners, household appliances, electrical equipment, industrial machinery . The product has a small size, light weight, low power consumption coil, contact load, strong shock resistance and high reliability, and other characteristics.

 2.Type and Meaning

HL R - 9 1C Q 1 AA
  relay -:Factory Bulk Pack    1C:SPDT 24VAC Power Rated Bracket mounting with.250"QC
2、 Product Explanation And Main Technical Parameter
★ Rating of insulation voltage Ui : 600V
★ Rating of contacts voltage Ue : AC 277V
★   Rating of current: Ie=6A ( AC-8b ), Ith=15A
★ Mechanical life>1,000,000 Cycles
★ Electricity life>100,000 Cycles
★ Coil working voltage scope: 70% ~110%Us
★ Product coil working voltage  Us=12,24,36,48,110/120,220/240VAC
3、Conforms To The Standard



1 、Conforms To UL508, IEC60947, GB14048 Standard。
2 、Approved By UL,ROHS and ISO9001 System Certification(SGS)。

UL Files Number:   E251539

4、Ordering Request

To ensure your requirements, please specify your order.:

If you request as follows: Nominal current: 12A, working voltage: 240/277V, pole form: SPDT, coil control voltage: 24VAC, wiring way: A group 1/4 " fast attachment, load: The single-phase perception or the linear load, install the way: The foundation kneading board installment (AA),  packing: 120/each box (factory packing). Then you may the shaping be:HLR-91CQ1AA

Lifts The Samples As Follows (Contains Derivation Type From This Model)

Ie Pole Rating of Coil Control Voltage Motor Power
24VAC 120VAC 208/240VAC 277VAC 240VAC
12A SPDT 91CQ1AA 91CT1AA 91CU1AA HLR-91CV1AA 2.5Kw
5、Instruction booklet downioading
 DownLoad PDF DataSheet
Product Image

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